Splitline M52

Similar to SplitlineM20, all modules can be toolfree installed and repositioned into the profile thanks to their magnetic fixation, allowing the end user to adapt the light according to the setting of the room. This wider profile also allows for adjustable spot modules to be hidden inside the black line in the ceiling. Ceiling Thickness: 1/2" max 180º corner connectors and 90º corner connectors available.

Save Specs
  • Profile: 6" W x 4 1/8" H
  • Visible Opening: 2 1/16"
  • Max 200W
  • 48V-DC (2 Conductors)
  • *Dimmable LED Power Supply Available.
  • IP20 - Rated for dry/damp locations.
  • Class II
  • *Refer to spec sheets for individual LED modules.