Splitline M20

SplitlineM20, refined thanks to the magnetic mounting of light modules. The magnetic fixation of the modules ensures the electrical connection with two 48V conductors in the profile. All light modules - spots, linear LED lines and pendants - can easily be placed or replaced into the profile according to the project’s requirements, without the need of any tools.Ceiling Thickness: min. 3/8"-max. 1" 180º corner connectors and 90º corner connectors available.

Save Specs
  • Profile: 2 1/16" W x 2" H
  • Visible Opening: 13/16"
  • Max 200W
  • 48V-DC (2 Conductors)
  • *Dimmable LED Power Supply Available.
  • IP20 - Rated for dry/damp locations.
  • Class II
  • *Refer to spec sheets for available individual LED modules.