Driveway Lite

The Driveway Lite is supplied with a mounting canister that facilitates ease of installation. The luminaire can be driven over or walked upon without being damaged. Designed so the lamp can be angled up to 20º, directed at a bush, tree, or the outside of a building, etc. without the need to remove the luminaire from the mounting canister due to the vandal-resistant three allen head screw fixing system which attaches the flange to the body of the luminaire.

Save Specs
  • Finishes Available In:
  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • Solid Bronze
  • Size: 4 15/16” H x ø2 1/2"
  • Standard Backplate: ø3” x 1 1/8” H
  • US Retro Backplate: ø5” x 2 3/16” H
  • Max 1050mA, CRI 90
  • Color Temps Available:
  • 2700K, 3000K, 4000K
  • Beam Options:
  • 15º, 25º, 38º, 60º
  • Power Options:
  • S – Series, Remote Driver
  • D3 - 12V AC, 2W Integral Driver
  • D7 - 12V AC, 4W Integral Driver
  • D10 - 12V AC, 6W Integral Driver
  • *Remote driver wired in series. Internal driver wired in parallel.
  • IP68 – Rated for wet locations.
  • *Not for use in pool or ponds.
  • Maximum Drive Over Speed: 6 mph
  • Max Weight: 3300 lbs
  • *Other accessories and lamp options available. UL Listed