This chandelier is reminiscent of a colony of bats hanging upside-down. Evenly spaced glass shades blown by Murano glass artisans enclose LEDs, and cast their light downwards. Bases can be connected to create a large colony, or removed to make a smaller one. Customizable combinations available.
Design by: Nendo
Japanese design and manufactured in Murano.
When necessary, please reinforce ceiling.

Save Specs
  • Shade Finishes:
  • Blown Glass in Grey or Black
  • Ring Finishes:
  • Stainless Steel in Grey or Black
  • Shade Size:
  • ø5.7" x 10 1/4" H x 1 1/2" Base
  • Ring Thickness: 3.2"
  • Light Fitting: LED - E12 or E14 for UL certified units. Standard Dimming
  • R1-Single Light Ring: ø5 1/2”
  • R3- 3 Light Ring: ø12.8"
  • R6- 6 Light Ring: ø24.8"
  • R10- 10 Light Ring: ø35.4"
  • R14- 14 Light Ring: ø47 1/4"
  • R18- 18 Light Ring: ø61"