Design Services


Plug makes it easy for clients by taking a hands-on approach, assisting with the difficult decisions in various stages of the design process and eliminating the confusion of technical aspects—that are constantly changing. 

With direct access to manufacturers, Plug is able to provide a unique experience to each project, standing out in the industry as an anomaly: Design, specification, resourcing, importing, distributing and selling, all in one company.

Lighting Design and Plans for Interior and Landscape:

During the meeting at the showroom our lighting designer will go through your plans and discuss it in detail with your Architect and/or Interior Designer. Elevations, furniture plans, photographs of the site and video's of schemes and selected style are helpful. CAD services can also be provided.

Specification and Planning:

Together with the plan, a detailed specification will be prepared for each floor. Auxiliary notes are given for any type of specialty installation. A complete fixture schedule book will be allocated to the necessary parties. A budget quote will be supplied after fixture specification. We allow for decorative lighting, whether sourced by Plug, client and/or Interior Designer.


Plug works in conjunction with specific codes required by Title 24 (Energy Regulation Codes). We encourage using state-of-the-art light sources that are energy efficient when applicable.


We work very closely with qualified and licensed electricians, during all phases of the project. We can recommend electricians who are familiar with sophisticated, high-end lighting.


Please email Lori Bush @ or call the showroom at 323.467.5635 and ask for Pia DeLeon-Neumayr.

Out of respect for our clients privacy, certain projects cannot be shown.